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Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival

18th Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival has been held started from September 6, 2019 until September 13, 2019. The event was happening from 6.00 p.m. till 11 p.m. at Carpenter Street Kuching. For your information, Carpenter street was also known as one of the oldest street in Kuching. Mooncake Festival in other name, mid-autumn festival was a harvest festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Besides that, this festival was also known to be the longest street festival in this city.

This festival covers a few streets and you can enter the festival from any of the street entrance for free. People from every communities came and gathered here to celebrate together the Mid-Autumn Festival. Not to think about differences but to think about unity as a nation. There were so many booths that sold various types of food and beverages and souvenirs. There was also photo booth and performances by different tribe.

Some of foods and beverages that being sold were char kueh teow, german sausages, ice shake, sio bee, satay, fried squid, Kek Lapis Mooncake, sugarcane juice, freshly made bean curd and many more.

There were also fresh fruit juices. One of them was street watermelon juice. As we want to have a taste, we bought it and we drank it directly from the fruit. The fruit vendor will make a hole on the center of the watermelon and we drank the juice using straw.

Tasters are also being prepared so that customer can have a try of the Kek Lapis Mooncake. Sometimes, people only look at the cake but didn’t buy the cake. That was one of the reason why tasters were given so that people can try the Kek Lapis Mooncake and decide to buy the cake or not after tasted it. Mooncake usually can only be seen during the Mid-Autumn Festival and it always received high demand from buyers.

Sarawak is always famous for its Tuak which was homemade rice wine made by the Dayak community. Tuak is an alcoholic drink brewed from fermented rice. Usually, they use glutinous rice to produce the Tuak. However, Tuak is not only made from rice. Tuak can also be made from pineapples, ginger and sugar cane. Tuak that were sold during the Intercultural Mooncake festival were Tuak Tobuh (Tuak Tebu),Tuak Rozel (Tuak Roselle), Tuak Nanas and Tuak Apong.

Moreover, Grab Food gave out free cotton candy to people that came. However, those who want the cotton candy would have to line up. The cotton candy were given on first come first serve basis.

As we came to this festival, we were able to see Chinese ladies and men wearing Chinese Traditional costume known as Hanfu at one booth that showed Chinese Traditional Costume. Hanfu means True Chinese clothing.

Other than that, there were also live performances from different races such as Malay, Chinese and Iban. Each culture has their own stage to perform along the Carpenter Street such as Chinese Orchestra performance, Malay performance and Sape Busking.

All any visitors had to do here were just to go food hunting and experience our great Sarawak culture of our different tribe and our unity as a nation.



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