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The annual Padawan Raft Safari 2016

Padawan Raft Safari is a fun water sport held annually since 2004 right here in Sarawak. In this rafting competition, each team needs to build their bamboo raft before the date for it to be used in the race. True to its meaning, this Raft Safari is a great competition, where competitors get to admire wildlife and birds in the wild, passing through the dense jungle with their friends and families and at the same time paddling to the finish line.




The Raft Safari offered RM24,500 worth of prizes up for grabs. Besides rafting and kayaking, there were many side activities such as cultural dance, songs and local traditional cuisine.

A total of 138 competitors signed up for this competition. Depending on the categories that they had signed up for, the participants will be flagged-off from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m, from 3 different villages namely; Annah Rais village, Temurang village and Danu. The finishing line would be at Git village where the closing ceremony will be held at 3:00 p.m.


Image credit to Sarawak Tourism Board website


There were several rafting categories during the competition. For the Rafting Expert and Kayaking Category, the distance from the starting point was approximately 40 km. The approximate distance for Men’s Open Rafting was 26 km while the Women, Government Departments, and Hotels & Tour Agencies Rafting were 22 km.  

In the Expert category, Kampung Sungan’s ‘Puncak Mutiara Tebedu’ finished the course in four hours and 57 minutes, snatching the first place and winning RM3,000 prize money and championship trophy. Finishing close at second place, Saati/SUPP Kampung Biya Jaber clocked four hours and 59 minutes, while Lanting Sadong placed third with a time of five hours and 12 minutes.

In kayaking category, first place was crowned to Eco Adventure Team that had completed the race with the fastest time of four hours and 14 minutes. The second and third place were won by Perkesa B and Perkesa A respectively.

In Men’s Open category, first place goes to Kelab Rekreasi Lingga, while Tebakang won the Women’s Open winning title. Bunan Gega health Clinic emerged the best among the teams competing in government agencies event, while in the tourism agencies and hotel category, the top prize went to BHR 4 Sekawan.

As it is an annual event, we hope to see more of the raft safari in the near future. This is a new tourism product and hopefully as it progresses, we are able to have more international team joining in.



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