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Bravo Riung Kuring Restaurant, Kuching

The food that we Malaysians eat, or rather should I say the Malay, Chinese and Indian food that has been at the forefront of most of our meals would have been Chicken rice, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, wantan mee, kampua mee, kolok mee, roti canai and many others. However, Malaysia being a hot pot of many other nationalities coming to Malaysia to work, marry or start a new life here has also seen Sundanese food getting popular here. Sundanese tribe from Indonesia has had a strong following in Malaysia.

In Kuching, the popular Sundanese food can be found at Riung Kuring Restaurant. Riung Kuring restaurant is located at No, 97, Jalan Dagok, Off Jln Kulas Utara Satu, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak.



We checked out the restaurant recently and here is our review. The restaurant is located not very far from RHB Bank at Jln Kulas Utara main road but if you did not know about the restaurant, you would never drive in ( turn left) into this small road. We managed to locate the restaurant. It was located at a house that has been converted into a nice little quaint restaurant. They have the outdoor (non aircond) which is actually the car park that has been designed into the sitting area for tables and chairs. Then there is the living room that is air-conditioned.



We browsed the menu and didn’t know what to order as everything looks good. In the end, we settled for Nasi Ayam Bakar Madu and Nasi goreng ayam special. I also ordered a glass of The C Peng Pandan Special and ice lemon tea.

When the food arrived, the food presentation was inviting. The rice was wrapped in banana leaf, served with a piece of grilled chicken thigh which had been slathered with honey. There were a piece of fried tofu, tempe (an Indonesian soy patty), some ulam raja, slices of cucumber and cabbage, a bowl of sourly soup and a small plate of sambal. The soup was quite tasty despite its appearance as the combination of sweet and sour was pretty good. The chicken was so delicious and succulent.



Something new to us. Every meal has the special Sundanese chilli sauce. It tasted a bit like nasi lemak sambal to me. If you ask me, the chilli sauce could double as nasi lemak sambal as well. It was spicy and it actually warmed up my stomach for the whole afternoon after the meal.

My nasi goreng ayam kampung was tasty as it should be. Stir fried with anchovies, put in some cut chilli, dressed with a fried egg on top of the rice, some sliced cucumber, fried chicken wing and of course their signature chilli sauce, home made by them.



The only thing that is not satisfactory is that the anchovies are not crispy enough. They must have heated up the wok, fried the egg, and the poured in the rice and other ingredients together with the anchovies. They should I think fried the anchovies until crispy, then separate it out from the wok. Fried the other ingredients in as well as the rice, and then pour back the anchovies when almost done. That way, not only do we have a tasty nasi goreng, but we will also bite in into the crispiness of the anchovies instead of having a anchovies taste but not crispy. However, despite that, the meal is still wholesome and wonderfully delicious.

The Pandan drink was good. Felt like drinking cendol, the taste that is.



On the whole, we love the food here and will recommend it to anyone who loves spicy, Asian food. Well done Riung Kuring! Keep it up and improve where you can.



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