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7 Reasons to Visit Mahakam River


 The Mahakam River is the largest river in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. In the Upper Mahakam River, there is a Dayak Vilage named Long Apari. There are three beautiful side rivers named Apari, Hubung and Kasau. Distance from Balikpapan to Mahakam River will take at least 2 hours and 11 minutes of journey by using car, starting from the South part of Balikpapan itself.


 Most of the Dayaks on the upper part of Mahakam river lives on agricultural resources such as birds’ nests, rattan, and gold washing.


 If you’re planning to travel here, carrying basic needs can be very challenging and expensive at times.


 Long Bagun is located 300 km away from the Spring of Mahakam. It will be the final destination along this river. Long Iram is a small city further down the route. It is much easier for bigger ships to cross this area during the rainy season.It will be difficult for huge ships to travel down this area during the dry season. Canoes with motorboat are always ready as a secondary mode of transportation.


  There is a wide river, along the destination of Long Iram. The brown murky water now turns into the visible beautiful panoramic view of the sea. A distant village can now be seen. The distance between the Long Iram and Samarinda, is about 475 km and if it is by sea travel it will be more than that.


 Muara Pahu is a lively village and located at the side river that flows through Mahakam. Stopping by here, visitors will get to see local villagers and cheerful children playing along the bridge and about their daily lives.


 First thing to do here is to stay a little bit longer and enjoy some food around here. The long various food stalls here will give you great varieties of food to choose.


 Travelling down the stream is a river connected to four big lakes. The four big lakes are important for transportation and connect into the next stream that leads down to the north side rivers of Muara Kaman with another two more streams named Kedang Kepala and Belayan.


 Visiting and having dinner at Senoni Village is the second thing to do. Most boat owners will make a quick stop for dinner at Senoni which is about 30 km downstream from Muara Kaman. About 30 km downstream from Muara Kaman, is where travellers will find a good can of cold beer served with fresh river lobsters from the locals here.The place alone is actually a great place to dine in.


 If you travel further down the stream of Mahakam River, here you will get to see the authentic Muara Muntai wooden village. To get here you need to cross the Jempang Lake.


 Feeling a little adventurous? Try out the Ohong Creek. It is a preserved rainforest of over a thousand years old. If the season is right, you will find wild Orang Utans and wild leopards roaming around freely.


 You would not want to miss visiting the Mancong Village, one of the oldest Dayak Longhouse of East Kalimantan is a place. You will be given a warmth traditional welcome ceremony by the Dayak people here. Even better, you get to try out their authentic food recipe from the Dayak tribe. You will be one with the local tribes.



 If your visit into the deep areas of Mahakam is over, do not forget to make a rendezvous point to Muara Pahu. This area is actually an observation center for dolphins. It is known as the Fresh Water Dolphins information center and open to all travellers. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter one dolphin at the Delta of Bolowan River.

 Other than that, food in the area of Mahakam river is a must try especially the delicious traditional Soto Banjar with soup. Different locations have different flavour of it. It is an iconic dish not to be missed out.



 So, are you ready to pack your gear and travel deep into the Mahakam River? If you are, do fly with us to Balikpapan and book your tickets at www.maswings.com.my for more flight details.

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