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The best of Sabah traditional food


Sabah is undoubtedly famous of its iconic Mount Kinabalu and beautiful sandy beaches. Do you know that Sabah also has a special collection of mouthwatering traditional cuisine? For food lovers out there, Sabah traditional food is something that you will never forget. With its diverse ethnic population, each of this group offers their own distinct Sabah traditional food. You must not miss trying out Sabah traditional food when you are here. The unique Sabah traditional food will astound and delight you to no end.


The Kadazandusun people of Sabah which forms the majority of the state has a variety of traditional Sabah food type for visitors to sample and be delighted with. The traditional Sabah food of the Kadazan is influenced by the blend of native and Chinese cuisine. This adds to the uniqueness of this Sabah food. One of the popular foods within the Kadazandusun community is the hinava tongii or the pickled mackerel. This delightful Sabah cuisine is a mixture of fresh mackerel, sliced shallots, shredded ginger and chillies cured with a generous sprinkling of lime juice. This authentic Kadazan Sabah cuisine can be stored to up to several days. Try it out and you will be surprised by the taste.

Sambal tuhau, a Kadazandusun side dish, is a versatile dish that can be served as an accompaniment to other food. The mouthwatering sambal tuhau is made by frying a mixture of the tuhau ginger, redchilli, lime and shrimp paste. This combination of strong tasting ingredients will ensure a dining experience that is unforgettable.


The Bajau people, which makes up the second largest group in Sabah has a no less impressive selection of delicious Sabah cuisine for you to try out. As a traditional seafaring people, their cuisine also reflects their lifestyle with its variety of traditional seafood dishes on offer. The sagol pari is a dish made from boiled stingray meat mixed with crushed turmeric, saffron and drenched with stingray liver oil. This unique dish is really worth trying.


The siput kima, a Bajau raw dish, is said to be the Bajau equivalent of the Japanese sushi. It is made of raw sea snails marinated with pepper and lime juice. If you are feeling really adventurous in trying out the more exotic Sabah cuisine, then siput kima is the right dish for you!


The rest of the ethnic groups in Sabah also have their share of the best Sabah traditional food. The Murut community is famous for its jaruk dish. This food is made of out of a mixture of fresh boar or river fish meat, rice and salt stuffed inside a bamboo tube and then fermented for several weeks before it is ready to serve. The Brunei community in Sabah has this unique dish called ambuyat, a jelly-like starchy blob made from sago powder, which is usually eaten with other dishes. Despite its bland taste, you’d be surprised to see how this versatile Sabah cuisine is when you combine it with other dishes.


These best Sabah traditional food is indeed one of the many reasons for you to come and visit Sabah. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the delicious and unique Sabah traditional food anywhere else within Malaysia. So, don’t miss out on them now!

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