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The Magic of Maliau Basin Sabah


Tawau holds one of Sabah’s most best kept secret, the Maliau Basin Conservation Area. This breathtaking 588 square kilometres Maliau Basin is full of different types of exotic trees, plant life and various species of rare animals. The Yayasan Sabah-run Maliau Basin is located far from the hustle and bustle of Sabah modern city life.
The unique Maliau Basin Sabah had been undiscovered for millions of years and was only explored recently back in 1988. There is no known record of permanent human settlement in this area. Even until now only less and half of Maliau Basin has been fully explored. Out of the 588 square kilometres of land, only 70 kilometres are open to public visitors. Famous personalities such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have even visited Maliau Basin recently to experience its many delights. There is still many more of this wonderful conservation area that is yet to be discovered. Who knows what new secret that this Sabah’s own ‘Lost World’ will unearth?
The lush green forests and magnificent waterfalls within Maliau Basin are sights that you will never forget. The unspoiled beauty of these gifts of nature is arguably unrivalled anywhere else. The deep canyons and gorges littering the landscapes are mind-blowingly impressive. You can see the deep imposing Imbak Canyon in all of its glory here. Then you can also find the majestic Lake Limununsut, which is the only freshwater lake in the Sabah, right here in Maliau Basin. Over the horizon you will also see the 1.6 kilometre-tall Mount Lutong serving as a backdrop to this beautiful conservation area.
The 82 species of animals inhabiting this unspoiled conservation area are a delightful discovery. Some of these animals are on the endangered species list. You can see animals such as the Asian Elephants and the Sun Bears roaming free here. It is really comforting to know that Maliau Basin provides them protection from illegal hunters and poachers. Another interesting thing to note about the animal life is that so far there are around 35 new species of amphibians, various species of water beetles, fish and crabs that have been discovered so far. It does makes you wonder in anticipation of what new animal life will be found next once the huge Maliau Basin is fully explored!
The ecological diversity of the Maliau Basin plant life will definitely attract the aspiring botanists out there. With the various species of trees, plants and flowers flourishing in this tranquil wilderness, you’ll really be overwhelmed by such rich variety. The types of trees you can see here alone numbers at around 1800. The selection of 80 types of orchids growing here is no less impressive. It would indeed be an endless journey if you want to discover all the delightful plant life here in Maliau Basin.
If you are looking for a place to experience beauty and nature that is truly magical and virtually untouched by human hands, Maliau Basin definitely fits the bill. Once you are here you’ll definitely be spellbound! The memories of your visit here will stay with you for the years to come.
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