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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015

Refreshing lunch break at Uncle Bean Cafe, Kuching

After a refreshing stroll along Carpenter Street, why don’t you stop by at Uncle Bean Café for lunch ? The café is opened daily from 7:00am to 10:00pm.
The café does not serve pork and they do not use lard in their cooking. The air-conditioning was also perfect after the exhausting stroll under the sun. We also like the interior design of the café. It is decorated with vibrant wallpaper, colourful chairs and the table has abstract design all over it.

Interior at Uncle Bean Cafe
Browsing through the thick menu, there is a variety of Malaysian food available. You can order their fried noodles, fried rice, nasi ayam penyet, curry noodle, and even toast for breakfast.

Uncle Bean's Nasi Ayam Penyet
My friend decided to try their Set Meal, which includes rice, one of their chicken dishes, vegetables and a glass of soft drink. I ordered a glass of ice green tea and a bowl of Sarawak Laksa, since I am on a quest to find the most delicious Sarawak Laksa in Kuching.
After a while, our drinks were served. Along with it, they gave us our cutleries on top of cute paper napkins. When I take a sip of my green tea, it tasted normal. 
Not long after that, my laksa was delivered. I was surprised to see that the bowl was quite big, considering the price was only RM6.00. However, there was a thick layer of oil on top of the laksa. There were also strips of chicken, eggs, bean sprouts and prawns. After squeezing lime and adding sambal belacan into the laksa, I slurped the noodle and was amazed by the taste. It actually tasted good despite the oily gravy. The gravy is not that spicy, a bit sour (because of the lime) and it was seasoned well. Because of that, I finished the laksa contently, just leaving traces of oil at the bottom of the bowl. Actually, I practically almost licked the bowl up. 

Laksa Sarawak
My friend enjoyed her rice with ayam goreng rempah (spice fried chicken?) and a small plate of baby kailan with oyster sauce. In fact, it was the second time that she ordered the fried chicken since she liked it very much when she tried the dish during her first visit at the café. At that time she also ordered a cup of café latte and from the photos that she took, it looks amazing.

Cafe Latte at Uncle Bean Cafe
Cafe Latte at Uncle Bean Cafe
The café also serve cakes and coffees, but when we came in, there were no cakes on display so we didn’t get to try them.
Overall, I gave their laksa 8 out of 10. I wished their gravy was not that oily, or else I would give them a 9. The laksa was delicious and I put it on the third place of my personal Laksa Sarawak ranking. 
I look forward to taste their nasi ayam penyet next, and hope I will not be disappointed. Compliments to the chef!