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Eat as much as you want and pay any amount you like at Lovely Vegetarian Restaurants Kuching

This is not a new concept and has been around in Europe since several years back. Usually this concept is practiced by organizations wanting to do charitable deeds as they believe in doing kindness to mankind.


Lovely Vegetarian Restaurants entrance  Lovely Vegetarian Restaurants Charity Banner


Lovely Vegetarian Restaurants is one such restaurant. It is located right behind Hock Lee Centre, along Jln Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim Kuching. They practice the concept that you can eat as much as you want and pay whatever amount that you like or can afford to. It is up to you.



Lovely Vegetarion Restaurants Interior 1    Lovely Vegetarion Restaurants Interior 2


They are opened only from 11:00am -1:30pm . Their lunch is buffet style and self service. You help yourselves to the food and after you finish eating, you just need to wash the plates or utensils after you finish eating. They serve about 10 dishes, 2 soups, tea, coffee, dessert and some ice drinks.


Food served at Lovely Vegetarion Restaurants


Variety of food served at Lovely Vegetarion Restaurants


The restaurants can sit over 100 persons and sometimes the local folks can celebrate their wedding or birthday functions here. The environment is quite cozy for dining as it is all air-conditioned. The place is also very clean.


Self service



If you enjoy healthy vegetarian meal, come check out this restaurant with a unique concept.