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Kuching Parachute Jumping Competition

 Kuching Parachute Jumping Competition
Have you ever seen a parachute jumping competition in Kuching? For the first time ever, there will be a parachute jumping competition in Kuching and there are nine teams participating in the competition including one from Indonesia. The parachute jumping competition and other activities during the two days are organized as a fund raiser to help their less fortunate members of the armed forces.
Parachuting or popularly known as skydiving, is a sport where people board an aircraft into the sky and jumping off it. They will then be in a free fall state until the last part of the descent before releasing their parachute to slow down the speed of their descending.
Sky diving was actually a safety procedure for the military for saving their aircrews from emergencies during flight. It was then used to send soldiers into battlefield via the air and now, it has become an extreme sport and people who are unfit are not encouraged to try. This sport is also not encouraged to be done on bad weathers such as during thunderstorms and high winds. Parachuting is allowed at night however, there are a number of safety measures that needs to be taken in order to do a night jump.
Over the years, parachuting has gain popularity and many variations are made to make skydiving much extreme such as a formation jump where a group of skydivers jump together and make a formation in the sky. The formations for skydiving also has a wide variety such as the vertical formation where skydivers jump with their head facing the earth and also the canopy formation where the skydiver jump in groups and fly their parachutes near to each other and then docking on other jumpers parachutes. Skydiving requires a lot of concentration and discipline as if you are not mentally prepared, you might faint in the middle of free falling and that could be fatal.
There was never a parachuting competition held before in Kuching. However, on November 2nd and 3rd 2013, there will be the first parachuting competition at Padang Merdeka. The competition is also held in conjunction of Sarawak’s 50th independence ceremony. Nine teams are expected to be joining the competition with various security forces including the Royal Malaysian Navy Commando Unit, Royal Malaysian Air Force Commando Unit and also one team compromising civilians not forgetting another six parachutists representing Indonesia. It will surely be a lot of fun to watch them glide through the skies and landing at their drop zone which is Padang Merdeka.
During the event, there will also be other various activities going on such as a joggerthon and also the displaying of the country’s warships. The Scorpion submarine will also be brought over if the depth of the Sarawak River is enough to let it through.
Come and continue Sarawak’s 50th independence ceremony at Padang Merdeka, Kuching and watch as the nine teams parachute their way through the skies of Kuching. Don’t forget the joggerthon and also the warships that they are planning to display on the day. It would all make up to a beautiful site not to be missed.
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