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Is Balikpapan City in Indonesia only Known for Oil and Gas?

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Located on the East side of Kalimantan, Balikpapan is a city that is well-known for industry such as oil, mining, gas, and timber. But some never heard of it. There are quite a handful of people thinking Balikpapan is a place where there are a lot of factories and social status is off poor economics state. Well, is that true?


The answer to it is the opposite of what one may think of. Balikpapan, an archipelago with the size of a total 639, 031 in population is a beautiful island located on the west side of Kalimantan. The fact is, although Balikpapan is well known for its iconic oil and gas industries; and it became a very popular tourist attraction.


In Balikpapan, there are several multinational companies’ have turned their base of operation to Balikpapan itself as a business centre. Even one of the roads here is named after their iconic industries, such as Jalan Minyak which means The Oil Street.


Due to the multinational companies, Balikpapan is transforming into a place whereby the island itself will soon be filled with different ethnics and cultures. The diverse ethnicities and cultures is what made Balikpapan a place that is worth to visit and stop by. Be it for personal business trip, family trip, or even a couple retreats as a grandeur holiday spots.


There are many things to do here in Baikpapan once you made your landing at the Sepinggan International Airport.


First of all there is the Klandasan market. The Klandasan market is where you get see local fresh fruits and vegetables are sale directly from the farm. Everything you see is fresh and green.


The Vegetable Garden Inpres will be a great spot to stop by. This is the place whereby you can actually buy gifts and handicrafts. And if you do happen to be wearing any jewellery with you during your visit at Balikpapan, then you have come to the right place. They offer services such as helping you to wash away your faded gold or silver. And if you are planning to purchase any of them this place alone offers you the best price in town.


You need some relaxation? No worries. The beach is just nearby. Police Beach Kemala is a great spot for you to just sit down, relax and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Picture above is the Balikpapan preserved forest.


Feeling a little bit adventurous? Well, there is the Preserve Forest Wein River though. You will be walking along with nature. It is 10,000 hectares of preserve forests with endangered wild animals such as the orang-utan, honey bears, and the proboscis monkey. You will get to see plants such as the Semar and the very popular Ginger Pouch. This place here is a good start for you to take away your minds away from work and stress of your life


Picture above: Time to feed the crocs at the Barnacle Crocodile.


Just in case if you’re bored on spending money and having that nature walk. You might want to try the Crocodile Barnacle. You eventually get to feed those reptiles at the price of Rp. 10,000 per head. After having that long walk around Balikpapan, and if you are hungry, try out the exotic crocodile satay meat here. But if you are an animal lover, then enjoy the sights of other animals such as the elephants, monkeys, turtles and racoons.


The iconic mega structure of oil refinery in Balikpapan is what makes Balikpapan well known as the oil town as well. The place is not open to public but from a distance, you are able to see the many buildings of oil refinery within that area.


Although Balikpapan is known as the oil town, yet still there are other things to look around. Whether or not it is an oil town or a tourist attraction, it is for you to decide once you visited the place and see it for your own self. Or it can be both as the town itself is more than meets the eye.


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